Welcome to my blog!  I’m here to do what I can to pay for my ride, and hope to inspire some of you to “trim your wasteline” in 2020 and beyond.   It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference, and I hope my posts will inspire you to make even a little change.   I’ve been riding this beautiful blue planet for 50 years… I figure it’s time to start doing something – anything – to express my gratitude for it.   This blog is my humble attempt to say, “Thanks.”  Every year I like to challenge myself with a BIG, BOLD new year’s resolution:

2018: 100 burpees a day ✅

2019: Dramatically reduce plastic purchases✅

  • I was able to limit my plastic waste to a single 20 gallon wastecan.
  • I continued to use the plastic I already own.

2020: Continue to explore plastic alternatives in all possible ways

  • I will allow myself 15 gallons of plastic refuse
  • I will continue to use plastic I already own
  • I will continue to explore ways to decrease my CO2 footprint, such as traveling to my dad’s Vashon Island cabin via foot!

My journey will be undoubtedly entertaining, and I plan on documenting it here.    I hope you find my posts “edutaining”!

Pictured: Planet Earth the year I was born. If only I could restore it to its state back then. Is this possible? A girl can dream and begin to try.